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6113Take Action on HB 3693 energy efficiency bill

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Apr 30, 2007
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      Urge your Texas State Representative to co-sponsor HB 3693 an energy efficiency bill for Texas which is out of committee.  Urge the calendars committee to set a date for voting on this quickly.    Details below.

      Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:35:15 -0400 (EDT)
      From: Bee Moorhead <bee@...>
      Subject: Texas Impact Blockbuster Legislative Update!

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      30 Days and Counting:
      Legislative Update April 28, 2007
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      With exactly a month to go in the legislative session, lawmakers are working hard, but time is running out on key issues. This Legislative Alert provides updates and requested actions on several important bills.

      Please note that many of these bills are scheduled for action on Monday, April 30. Legislative schedules can change on short notice, especially as the session nears completion. For status updates on these or other bills, visit the Texas Legislature Online's " Bill Lookup" and enter your bill number to receive a full bill history including the most recent possible information about upcoming votes and hearings.
      Action Needed: Call Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Senator Ogden

      Message: Get CHIP restoration back on track by scheduling HB 109 for a hearing in Senate Finance this week.

      CHIP has fared relatively well in the Texas House this session. Members were able to put the partisanship of recent sessions behind them in support of getting more Texas kids real access to health insurance.

      Surprisingly, it seems the Senate, historically a champion of children's issues, is willing to let CHIP languish until the perfect political moment appears.

      Contact Lt. Governor Dewhurst at 512.463.0001
      Contact Senator Ogden at 512.463.0105
      Voter ID
      Action Needed: Urge House members to vote NO on HB 626, which is scheduled for a House floor vote on Monday, April 30. Urge Senate State Affairs committee members to vote NO on HB 218, which has passed the House and is scheduled for a public hearing in Senate State Affairs on Monday, April 30.

      While the Senate drags its feet on CHIP, both legislative chambers are moving rapidly to enact new impediments to voting. Texas already has the lowest voter turnout rate in the United States at 26 percent.

      HB 218 by Rep. Betty Brown and HB 626 by Rep. Phil King would impose new identification requirements to register to vote and to cast a vote that civil rights experts are describing as modern-day poll taxes.


      Contact Your Representative
      Contact Senate State Affairs Committee Members
      Find Out Who Represents You

      Action Needed: Urge your Representative to vote NO on HB 10, which is scheduled for a House floor vote on Monday, April 30.

      House Bill 10 by Rep. Chavez amends the Texas Penal Code to allow the Tigua Indian Tribe in El Paso and the Alabama-Coushatta Indiand Tribe in Livingston, north of Houston, to reopen casinos they have operated twice illegally. 

        Contact Your Representative
      Find Out Who Represents You
      Energy Efficiency
      Action Needed: Urge your Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of HB 3693 and to support the bill when it comes to the floor for a vote. Urge the Calendars Committee to set HB 3693 for a House floor vote quickly.

      Texas uses more electricity than any other state in the U.S. and it has one of the highest rates of demand for new electricity.  Texas's electricity prices for residential, commercial and industrial consumers are above the national average and well above the regional average.

      HB 3693 by Rep. Joe Straus is an omnibus energy efficiency bill, which includes new incentives and mandates for public and private sector energy users as well as utility providers.  HB 3693 includes a provision establishing a sales tax holiday on energy-efficient appliances.

      HB 3693, which is co-authored by Representatives Anchia, Crabb, Phil King and Oliveira, was approved unanimously by the Regulated Industries Committee on April 17 and is ready to be scheduled for a House floor vote.

      Contact Your Representative
      Contact Calendars Committee Members
      Find Out Who Represents You
      Faith Based Initiatives
      Action Needed: Urge your Representative to sign on as a coauthor to HB 289 and urge the Calendars Committee to schedule HB 289 for a House floor vote.

      HB 289 by Representative Delisi would improve transparency and accountability for faith and community-based initiatives that receive public funding, as well as improving communication and coordination between state agency programs that interact with faith and community-based initiatives.

      Texas Impact and other religious and nonprofit organizations have worked with Representative Delisi to ensure that HB 289 provides a genuine benefit to taxpayers. We are very pleased with the bill and hope lawmakers will move it through the legislative process in time for it to become law before the legislative session ends on May 28.

      Contact Your Representative
      Contact Calendars Committee Members
      Find Out Who Represents You
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