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5751RE: [hreg] Chronicle lead editorial - Texas may phase out incandescent bulbs?

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  • Michael Ewert
    Mar 4, 2007

      I’ve had trouble with short life on some too, but so far the ones I got from John Miggins and from Lighting Unlimited are going strong.  Does anyone know what Consumer Reports says about CFLs?


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      I continue to have such bad luck with longevity of CFL’s—typically just 6 mos to 2 years (max)—vs. claimed 5-7 yrs—that I don’t think they should be legislating CFLs until the technology is working as advertised.  I’ve tried half a dozen brands including Autocell Electronics and they just aren’t lasting.  Is it lightning in this region affecting electronic ballasts, or what?  The other issue I have is that stores aren’t carrying 2700 K bulbs for the most part.  If they would, I think it would be easier to get folks to switch, since they have color more similar to incandescents, instead of the garish blue of high color temperature CFLs.



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      But what about when the incandescent is the proper bulb, that is when
      you need the heat, not just the light? Hardly a sin. Do you like to
      eat? If yes, please don't punish the farmers, we have a hard enough
      time as is.
      Bright Blessings,

      David Power wrote:

      > How about a sin tax of $1.00 per incandescent bulb? More revenue for the
      > state and gets the costs more inline with cfls.
      > Either that or attach the 120lb bag of coal to the bulb that you have
      > to burn to light it.
      > David

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