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5749Re: [hreg] Chronicle lead editorial - Texas may phase out incandescent bulbs?

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  • jmiggins
    Mar 4, 2007
      Robert you might have issues with your voltage or power quality at your dwelling.  It is not unusual to have voltage swings from 117 to 134 volts depending onthe time of day and your space on the power line.  It is unusual for all the brands to have longevity problems, I think the common denominator might be some other issue.  I do agree with your point that they are not for everyone and every application.
      There are small power conditioners that smooth out the power voltage, ;phase etc... and provide clean power, a good experiment would to plug of these in and then runthe bulbs off it to see if there is any difference.
      all the best
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      Subject: RE: [hreg] Chronicle lead editorial - Texas may phase out incandescent bulbs?

      I continue to have such bad luck with longevity of CFL’s—typically just 6 mos to 2 years (max)—vs. claimed 5-7 yrs—that I don’t think they should be legislating CFLs until the technology is working as advertised.  I’ve tried half a dozen brands including Autocell Electronics and they just aren’t lasting.  Is it lightning in this region affecting electronic ballasts, or what?  The other issue I have is that stores aren’t carrying 2700 K bulbs for the most part.  If they would, I think it would be easier to get folks to switch, since they have color more similar to incandescents, instead of the garish blue of high color temperature CFLs.


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      Subject: Re: [hreg] Chronicle lead editorial - Texas may phase out incandescent bulbs?

      But what about when the incandescent is the proper bulb, that is when
      you need the heat, not just the light? Hardly a sin. Do you like to
      eat? If yes, please don't punish the farmers, we have a hard enough
      time as is.
      Bright Blessings,

      David Power wrote:
      > How about a sin tax of $1.00 per incandescent bulb? More revenue for the
      > state and gets the costs more inline with cfls.
      > Either that or attach the 120lb bag of coal to the bulb that you have
      > to burn to light it.
      > David

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