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  • Michael Ewert
    Jan 31, 2007

      We’re going to send something out that has websites related to what we talked about. The topic for the meeting was active solar thermal.  The “call for action” was to get involved in the political process as well as using energy efficiency and renewable energy in your own life.  Keep up the good work!


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      I missed the last meeting.  I am interested in the part of what we can do to help.  Will there be information at the website where I could get the minutes? 

      On a personal note, last year I added two storm doors, cfls, insulatiing paint, replaced air ducts and installed a new thermostat.  If the meeting was reffering to conservation, then I think I  am on my way.  If there is something else, then I would need this information.

      Thank you for your help.



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