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545Hydrogen economy and such

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  • drocketman@juno.com
    Jan 11, 2001
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      Yep, we are in a state of denial about our global energy situation.
      And it is no help that the price of fossil fuels will not suddenly go
      up by a factor of 10 and shake the masses into a new course of
      consumption. So the infrastructure of any "new system" that follows
      will be evolutionary. "Evolution" is exactly the right word to use
      here. Like Kevin said, it is unrealistic to expect a magic bullet
      that will transform our energy use patterns into a sustainable
      system. This would be like expecting a single cell organism to
      evolve quickly into a dog. However, the true path of development
      will not be as random as evolution. After all, we do have brains to
      plan our path of energy evolution, right? But is that collective
      brain one of truely forward thinking technologists or of the almighty
      dollar? (methinks it is mostly the brain of the almighty dollar and
      some of the forward thinkers) The road to sustainability will be
      paved with its share of dead-ends, looks-good-but-turns-out-bad, is-
      good-but-waits-for-complementary-changes, works-for-a-while, and is-

      Any invention or system or idea for changing for the better will have
      to pass the greed test. Recall 8-track and cassette, Beta and VHS,
      and now DVD and VHS, CRT and Flat panel. Consumers will always
      eventually side with the better/cheaper mouse trap. The
      infrastructure will follow the dollars, too. This evolution will not
      be accelerated to any historically noted degree by the desires and
      urgings of visionaries or held back by the greed of a few. It will
      take a steady course that is dominated by the limitations of the
      resources and Joe-consumer's taking notice of Fred Smart's new
      better/faster/cheaper wheels.

      A hydrogen based economy is a great idea. I remember reading 25 or
      so years ago from a very extensive study of how such an economy could
      be realized in a book that I think was entitled "Hydrogenergy". From
      what I can remember it was extremely insightful, adressed
      infrastructure extensively, and would probably still be an excellent
      road map.

      As for the media's effect on our progress, I'd like to think that in
      our society of intelligent consumers, rewarded for good choices and
      penalized for bad ones, we mostly "buy" the truth and ignore the

      My suggestion is to be the best consumer you can be. Occacionally
      take chances on new products and invest in companies you expect to
      turn the energy profit.

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