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5414Re: [hreg] Global dimming

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  • Bashir Syed
    Jan 14, 2007
      Yes, I had watched the whole program. This subject has been very strictly controlled ever since EPA started monitoring air in 1974. I was incharge of instrumentation for an EPA contract given to Rockwell Interntional Science Center. But the findings of the study were supressed due to political pressure, and later the study was abondoned, because of too many hot subjects not favorable for the petroleum industry, especially LEAD in gasoline, Ozone, and Sulphur Dioxide in the atmosphere. During the Gulf War in 1991, the pollution caused by Oil Well fires caused serious situation as it was being observed by NOAA Satellites. According to Scientific American Magazine, of July 1991, two significant pages 17 and 18 , had an article under Science & The Citizen column: "Burning Questions: Scientists launch studies of Kuwait oil fires. " On page 18, there was a damning writeup published in a block by John Horgan:" Why Are Data from Kuwait Being Withheld?"  JohnHorgan had revealed that distribution of NOAA Weather Satellite (Landsat-5 and NOAA-11) data was blocked by presidential orders. It is very interesting revelation for inquisitive minds just like the existence of WMD's.
      The fact which is causing the earth warming was not very well discussed during that program. Granted that light arriving the surface of earth is less without the increased condensation and particulate matter, yet the transfer of heat bt the atmosphere to the earth was not mentioned. The Infra-Red Radiation in solar spectrum is absorbed by Carbon-dioxide molecules. Since the CO2 emissions are increasing, this leads to more absorption of IR to warm up the atmosphere, which is trasferred to earth. Similarly, the chemnical industry had fought tooth and nail about CFC's causing depletion of Ozone, thus increasing the amount of UV radiation on earth creating a risk for Skin cancers. But the Advertising industry won the debate like the cigarettes. But after having enough data the Air-Conditioning Manufacturers and Aersol producers finally agreed to find a replacement for Freon by another CFC which is supposed to be less interactive with Ozone, and intoducing Pumps in a few aersols. To a reasonable scientific mind the effects of emissions do seem to cause bad effects, but not to the folks who have billions of dollars at stake in stock market. To them we are part of the statistics, which Benjamin Disraeli described as: "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!"
      Bashir A. Syed
      Member: APS, AAPT, IEEE, UCS, ASES, ISES, and New York Academy of Sciences
      VP/R&D Alt-EneryTech
      Houston, TX 77058
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      From: William
      Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 7:53 PM
      Subject: [hreg] Global dimming

      Did anyone watch PBS's Nova program last Tuesday? "GLOBAL DIMMING"
      Scientists from the US, Austria(I believe)and Australia have been
      crunching data over the last nearly 100 years. Climatically we are
      losing the amount of sunlight that strikes the Earth. Due to pollution
      sunlight seems to be reflected away from our blue planet.Another item
      of great importance seems to be PAN EVAPORATION and the reduced amount
      of that same evaporation. These scientists believe that this issue is
      in a "tug-of-war" with global warming, or at the very least making the
      symptoms of global warming less apparent.

      <---------- Climate ---------->
      cooler/dimming greenhouse gases

      A less accepted theory by other scientists but I think very,very
      interesting indeed. Bill Stange

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