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5413Re: [hreg] Global dimming

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  • Ariel Thomann
    Jan 14, 2007
      I wanted to but couldn't, and thought OK since I had taped a NOVA program by
      that name a few months ago. Am looking at the tape now -- opening talks about
      NASA's Hansen, then funding stuff, then 9/11 aftermath as observed by Travis, in
      Madison Wisc, and on from that. Is it the same one?

      - We are all Human beings here together. We have to help one another, since
      otherwise there is NO ONE who will help.
      - All countries need a NO REGRETS strategic energy policy. Think ahead 7

      > Did anyone watch PBS's Nova program last Tuesday? "GLOBAL DIMMING" Scientists
      > from the US, Austria(I believe)and Australia have been crunching data over
      > the last nearly 100 years. Climatically we are losing the amount of sunlight
      > that strikes the Earth. Due to pollution sunlight seems to be reflected away
      > from our blue planet.Another item of great importance seems to be PAN
      > EVAPORATION and the reduced amount of that same evaporation. These scientists
      > believe that this issue is in a "tug-of-war" with global warming, or at the
      > very least making the symptoms of global warming less apparent.
      > <---------- Climate ---------->
      > cooler/dimming greenhouse gases
      > A less accepted theory by other scientists but I think very,very
      > interesting indeed. Bill Stange
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