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5082Texas Victories for Clean Energy and Climate Protection

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  • Nan Hildreth
    Oct 3, 2006
      Big news. Yesterday, Texas Governor Perry promised to build the
      transmission lines that are needed to spur more development of Texas
      wind farms. This is such an important turn-about that two dozen
      papers and TV stations, including national media, have run the story.

      Also, a Texas oil man, developer and environmentalist with ties to
      top GOP office holders has announced that, because of concerns about
      air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, he will sue TXU for
      proposing to build the dirty coal-fired electricity plants.

      Thank you for your efforts to protect the climate and promote
      renewable energy. Thanks for asking Perry to develop a plan for
      climate protection. Please continue to ask Perry to stop
      fast-tracking the more than a dozen old-style polluting coal plants
      that could pollute for 50 years. Please ask Governor Perry to join
      the Governor of California and others in making energy efficiency a
      state priority.

      Nan Hildreth, Houston 713-842-6643 Nan.Hildreth@...

      It is impossible to tell when any of our endeavors will reach
      critical mass, suddenly creating change. - Paul Rogat Loeb in Soul
      of a Citizen

      Before water turns to ice, it looks just the same as before. Then a
      few crystals form, and suddenly the whole system undergoes
      cataclysmic change. - Joanna Macy

      Rather than occurring at a steady pace, evolution proceeds in fits
      and starts. - Stephen Jay Gould