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  • Nathan Brown
    Sep 2, 2006

      I am an online entrepreneur and my "activist partner" and I are
      members of a community devoted to environmentally friendly living, and
      we need your help.

      We are putting together a website to help environmentally
      minded people like you to fight global warming.

      Would you take a moment to give us your questions about
      fighting global warming so we can make sure we address the issues that
      are of most importance to you and others who care about global warming?

      Just go here:


      We will take the questions you provide and use them to create
      audio interviews that draw a clear connection between daily life style
      choices and one's personal ability and power to fight global warming.

      In exchange for you taking the time to give is your questions, we will
      give you a free copy of "One Change," a short 10 min. audio that shows
      you the "'One Change' you can make that is
      scientifically proven to fight global warming."

      Just go here to get your copy of "One Change" and send us
      your questions about fighting global warming:


      Thank you for your help!


      Nathan Brown