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475HREG Brochure Rev 1

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Dec 2, 2000
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      I have incorporated minor updates to the original draft of the HREG brochure
      upon comments from a few folks. Find attached Rev 1. Unless there are
      inconsistencies or errors in this draft, I intend to ask for approval from
      the general meeting attendees for an initial production and release to the

      The brochure is an Acrobat file in pdf format. Notice that the text and
      graphics tends to the left edge of the screen when viewing the file. I did
      this so I could print centered and aligned copies to my HP 2500C printer,
      allowing normal tri-folding of the brochure. You should try to print the
      brochure, I would appreciate feedback. Otherwise, I plan to have a version
      Rev 2 for the Copy Spot printers, which will be the same as Rev 1 except for
      reformats of the graphics and text block locations back to the normal
      positions. [To date, I have been unable to print the newsletters or
      brochures to my printer without having to "fix" the print borders.]

      See you Sunday 2pm at TSU. The earlier agenda still stands. News, NREL
      Overview, ***Featured Speaker Mack Mansfield (HL&P)***, Website Update (Andy
      Ewert is well along), and Planning ideas for 2001. Take care.

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