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471Re: [hreg] HREG Brochure - Draft

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  • John Hoffner
    Nov 29, 2000
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      Looks like a great brochure. A few clarifications regarding the Houston PV
      system. You might mention that the system is at the "University of Texas -
      Houston Health Science Center". The total PV installation includes three
      - Awning system installed above 8th floor windows (completed in 2000):
      7 kilowatt AC
      - Phase 1 roof mounted system (completed 1998)
      24 kilowatt AC
      - Phase 2 roof mounted system (completed in 2000)
      24 kilowatt AC

      Therefore, the total installed capacity at the site is about 55 kilowatt AC
      (55,000 Watt). You might want to double check the numbers and maybe get a
      personal quote from Mani Palani at the UT Houston Health Science Center to
      add to the story. He can be reached by phone at 713-500-3413 of email

      Minor points, but useful data.

      John Hoffner

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      From: "Jonathan Clemens" <jaclemens@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 4:03 AM
      Subject: [hreg] HREG Brochure - Draft

      > HREG,
      > Please find attached an initial draft of an HREG brochure. It is an
      > pdf file.
      > I see using the brochure in our outreach activities and as a prime means
      > soliciting new members in our region. The message is here we are and
      > join.
      > Your comments are welcomed. Perhaps we can vote on a final draft at the
      > next general meeting December 3. Thanks.
      > Jonathan
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