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  • Jim & Janet
    Aug 2, 2006
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      Speaking as a road cyclist for the last 35 years, I would like to suggest that you probably are not nearly hydrated enough all the time. When you ride it is made apparent.
      Get into the habit of drinking enough water (a third of a gallon dailyif you spend much time outdoors) each day so that your urine is nearly clear. You will discover other positive changes in your biological systems by keeping your cells properly saturated. If you awaken in the morning thirsty, you are about right. Water should taste as good as coffee.
      As for careless or rude drivers, a smile and a wave to them will go a long way toward fostering good will, at least with the non-rednecks.
      Jim Duncan
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 10:21 AM
      Subject: Re: [hreg] hreg meeting feedback

      While fresh sweat is not too offensive, your email reminded me of my days at U of Alberta and some of the students that did cycle year round.  At one point, we made one of the students stand out in the hall for lectures, he was so offensive.  Generally a full change of clothes and being clean before starting your trek will suffice.  Just don't start skipping showers!, <grin>
      Bright Blessings,

      At 09:59 AM 8/2/2006, you wrote:

      I wonder if you guys have showers at your destination points? I would stink to high
      heaven if I cycled and then went to work!

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