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  • Kirk
    Jul 8, 2006
      KAGY Enterprises Inc.


      KAGY Enterprises is not a home builder however my subsidiary company
      Freedom Renewable Energy Services supplies, installs and services
      renewable energy equipment. We have a few dealers in our area that
      will aid in the search for builders that utilize these products I
      will contact these companies directly.

      In addition I will contact a friend - Professor, Building Architect,
      Master Electrician who is very knowledgeable of builders in our
      geographical region.

      My search will take some time (a list I have wished to compile
      myself) the builders in Texas have taken large strides to accommodate
      the home buyers in short order, supplies are less than needed with
      product demand on the rise.

      Where should I send this information and are we working with a press

      Best regards,

      Kirk Glueck

      Freedom Renewable Energy Services
      Texas Hill Country (512) 314-9040
      Texas Gulf Coast (281) 851-9896
      1746 Brickarbor Drive
      Katy, Texas 77449
      Fax: (281) 829-1426
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