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  • Michael Ewert
    Jul 7, 2006
      RE: Houston Directory infomercial

      Many of you may not know about this yet, but HREG is a sponsor of a new Environmental Directory for Houston and the first issue will have an energy theme.  We’re not real sure when it will come out yet.  A guy named Paul Robbins who did this in Austin is working on it.  He asked me for help recommending contractors and I thought the best way was just to put the question to the eGroup.  So, please see below and reply if you have good information.  Thank you,



      I have finished the Houston Environmental Groups and the cover (which is a beautiful color drawing of one of Houston 's best parks). I have been trying to find who is selling energy efficiency products and services and greenbuilding products in Houston as well.  This is a very time-consuming task and if you have any suggestions I will listen.  In particular I am trying to find reliable home energy conservation contractors in your area.

      Paul Robbins


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