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442Re: [hreg] Compact Fluorescents

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  • drocketman@juno.com
    Nov 19, 2000
      I have a house full of compact fluorescents: three types of globes, a
      bullet, some sticks, spirals and floods. The highest equivalent wattage
      being a spiral wound at 150w equivalent output for 32w expense by Lights
      of America sold at Walmart. None that I have are dimmable. The bullets
      are in ceiling fans and some wall mounts and globes are in bathroom
      lights and hanging lamps for their aesthetic match. The floods are in
      recessed lighting. The sticks are in shaded lamps and the spirals are
      the most recent additions in covered ceiling fixtures (being the only
      ones that fit with a high enough light output for me) garage and closets.
      I put the 75w equiv bulb in place of 60 watt incandescents. The spirals
      seem to be the best deal on cost. Walmart has sold all 4 sizes
      (60/75/100/150watt equiv.) for the same price, $7.96 each. Though I did
      get a couple of them clearanced inexplicably for $5 each. My
      conservative count puts the total number of compact fluorescents in my
      house now in use at 53 bulbs. The initial installation was 28 globes and
      8 to 10 bullets about 6 to 8 years ago. This only includes the compact
      fluorescents and does not include u-tubes, circline or regular
      fluorescents. In the eight years of operation, I have replaced about 6-8
      globes, 2-3 bullets, 3 sticks, a couple of floods and one spiral. The GE
      90w equiv. sticks have been the least reliable. I have no experience and
      so no suggestion on the dimmables other than I see no need to complicate
      the design of the bulb most probably at the expense of life and
      reliability, and instead, suggest turning only part of the bulbs on
      instead of dimming all. I have recently appreciated the spirals because
      of their low cost and small size, fitting into enclosed glass fixtures
      and hidden behind standard open glass ceiling fixtures. I still rely on
      globe types as a drop in for globe type bulbs like in bathrooms and
      hanging lamps. I especially like them for the bathrooms where I have
      banks of 6, 8 and 12 globes and the low heat and increased light (60w
      equiv compared to the 40w incandescent) is really a plus. My favorite
      globe is the GE brand FLG16/E also sold by Panasonic as the Light Capsule
      EFG16LE. I don't know how available these are now since I haven't bought
      any in several years... haven't had to because none have failed. I have
      two spares still in their boxes and they are my most reliable compact
      fluorescent. They are very lightweight and compact making them more like
      the incandescent 40w they replaced. Because of this, they do not stress
      the bathroom fixture near as much as the other globe types. They are
      almost instant on, much more silent and longer life than any of the other
      globes I have used. It was typically $16 a bulb, but in my estimation,
      worth it over the others. I did get some of them for $5 each clearanced.


      On Sun, 19 Nov 2000 18:19:19 -0600 "Robert Johnston"
      <rjohnsto@...> writes:
      > Anybody have suggestions on the best place to buy compact
      > fluorescents?
      > They tend to be expensive up-front, so I'd like to buy them as
      > cheaply
      > as possible. Efficienthome.com was the cheapest place I could find
      > online.
      > For example, I can buy a 23W regular spiral lamp for $12 or a 23W
      > dimmable
      > spiral lamp for $21 (www.efficenthome.com/spiral.htm). They also
      > offer free
      > shipping and 10% discounts on $200 purchases. Do you think I should
      > go this
      > route, or is there a better outfit to go with? What brand do you
      > recommend
      > as the best for dimmable compact fluorescents, that can be used
      > inside
      > enclosed
      > glass fixtures?
      > Thanks!
      > Robert Johnston
      > rjohnsto@...
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