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4335Re: [hreg] Re: Roger Ebert reviews An Inconvenient Truth

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  • Paul Archer
    Jun 5, 2006
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      7:00am, will thurmond wrote:

      > Edward
      > I'll try to say this politely - please step off the soapbox. You have
      > repeatedly made unsubstantiated statements on the HREG listserv, much to the
      > chagrin of its members. You should know what you're talking about before
      > making declarations. If you research what you wish to discuss before you
      > enter the "soapbox zone", you will understand the issue. You will also have
      > factual, actual, information to substantiate your argument, and a solid
      > platform to stand on. Please employ more facts and less conjecture and
      > hyperbole in your entries.
      > One example - you said "The city of Houston has not not taken heed to this
      > warning. they are by far the largest user of electricity, yet have not one
      > action plan to make changes." Where did you get this information from
      > Edward? An update to your statement in the p.s. will bring you current on
      > this "declaration."
      > I wish you all the best in expressing yourself as factually as you do
      > actually. You will find greater support for your ideas if they are
      > defend-able. Good luck.
      > Will
      > p.s. here is some information on Houston's Alternative Energy initiatives
      > that will update your last statement. You will learn there are "more than a
      > few" Alt-Energy initiatives in Houston, contrary to your previous
      > statements. That is, if you have a real interest in Renewable Energy and
      > Alt-Energy projects. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, right?
      [massive snippage]

      Will, I wholeheartedly agree with you in that *whoever* is speaking in a
      forum like this should have his/her facts together first.
      And I agree that Edward did not back up his claim that "[t]he City of
      Houston ...have not one action plan to make changes." However, I think you
      misread his statement, as the the information you included (which I've
      snipped for space) did not counter that charge.
      The specific claim was, I believe, that the City of Houston (that is the
      munincipal government, not the inhabitants of Houston as a whole), which
      most likely is the single largest consumer of electricity in the city, has
      not taken action to reduce its energy usage. Your included information did
      mention solar-powered school "crossing" lights (although I think it meant
      school zone lights). I've seen these and similar lights all over the
      country. They do save electricity, but considering how much light they put
      out (a blink or two a second for two hours a day 5 days a week, 9 months a
      year), I would guess that the primary motivation for them is to save
      installation costs rather than power.

      Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is just that I think Edward does bring
      up a good point: I don't know *what* the City of Houston is up to as far as
      energy consumption and conservation, but I'd like to find out.

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