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4327Re: [hreg] Roger Ebert reviews An Inconvenient Truth

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  • Edward Kramer
    Jun 4, 2006
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      A geophysicist will argue that we are in a natural warming caused by changing sea levels, shift in plates and natural changes in the jet stream. Global warming might be a small cause of the natural warming trend, and the earth atmosphee can handle any Co2 gases that we humans combust. Electricity is suppose to make our life better, and if we do not find a sustainable source of electricity, life for our children and theirs will revert to prehistoric times. We are here for a very short time, we should only borrow from mother nature, not take. If we deplete the carbon resources,
      what is the next generation going to do for the very basic building life of all matter-black carbon. Rather than utilizing the carbon for the solid production of physical goods, we are burning it up in combustion for electricity. Once its gone, its gone. If we do not wake up and make some serious changes in our lifestyles, how we use the exiting resources, the future does not look so bright the children. 
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      I do not understand the comment of where the children are going to play.  Same place they played before the turn of the 20th century - before oil production became a big business - outside.  If fossil fuel is causing global warming, then isn't this a good thing that we run out of fossil fuels???  This planet and her inhabitants survived just fine without oil and we can do it again.  It appears that only when the supply is indeed limited will there be any advances in alternative energy production, because at that point there will be no choice.

      Edward Kramer wrote:
      Thanks for the invite, but I would rather conserve my fuel, as the round trip from my house is costly and I will do my part to help the future. Remeber, there is only 70-80 year supply of fossil fuel in the world. Where are the chiildren going to play?

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