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4295Re: Trailer for "Who Killed the Electric Car?" - movie coming soon

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  • deviant
    Jun 1, 2006
      Some may say that pulling the plug on life support is murder.

      The pure electric cars such as the EV1 were a fabrication made by
      the collaboration of government and auto makers trying to appease
      the public with a product that went against the grain of free
      enterprise capitalism. Yes, if the government supplies
      enough "incentives" on both sides they can create a balance between
      supply and demand that makes something appear economical. However,
      they eventually change their direction with the wandering whim of
      the public, and the house of cards falls down.

      I would love for there to be a large market of efficient electric
      vehicles. Actually, today one can buy a production vehicle that
      also promotes the short range and lower speeds - an NEV like the GEM.

      If someone wants an electric car bad enough, they can make one or
      commission someone else to do it. Here is a great organization of
      folks who have gotten their hands dirty and love to share what they

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