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4109Re: [hreg] Fwd: In case you haven't seen the trailer to Al Gore's film on global warming

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  • William & Cynthia Stange
    May 4, 2006
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      Hello all,
                        Continue to watch CSPAN regularly, alot of poop is hitting the fan right now. Wed. night "live" from the floor of the House of Representatives was a plea from Rep. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett/Maryland- sixth Dist. relating to the 2) surveys done by our government. These surveys/reports cost us taxpayers millions and Bartlett was adamant as to why these documents have not been read to or by the public. Find his transcripts and read them. According to all scientists and economists our economy is in trouble IF we do not do enough-NOW. He presented gobs of charts relating to our energy woes as well as future food production. At the very least he said we should be undertaking a stance not seen since the great depression and conservation methods done before and during World War II. He is in favor of all renewables, as our other energy modes are definetly finite. Bill Stange

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