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4085Re: [hreg] Thoughts on efficiency

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  • chasmauch@aol.com
    May 1, 2006
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      Is anyone familiar with a Canadian company named Ballard Power that was getting a lot of press a few years ago as the leader in auto fuel cells? Several large auto companies (I think it was GM, Ford, Toyota, and Daimler Benz) had taken big shares of stock in the company so they had plenty of cash on hand to finance their research and development. They had experimental buses in several cities running on H2 and there was a big buzz that the process would be commercial in a few years. It sounded so good I bought a few shares of BLDP but it went nowhere but down, so I finally sold. Just now checked a six year chart and see that 6 or 7 years ago the stock was in the $80 to $120 range but has declined steadily and is now about $10 per share.
      I haven't followed developments closely but just wonder what happened. They had a bunch of patents, plenty of technicians, and lots of money but could not make this technology work. I think it was because they couldn't package the hydrogen to carry in the vehicles and could not develop an onboard converter. Also the platinum membrane used was very expensive. Was that it, or was it something else?
      BTW, are we still meeting in the Technology Bldg at TSU? I tried to go to the meeting yesterday but could not figure out where to park or how to get into the Technology Building. I have missed the last several meetings and found that the old entrance no longer exists. Drove all around but there is lots of construction and every other entrance I could find was blocked so finally gave up and went home. This info is probably on the website but I couldn't find it. Sorry to be so dumb but could someone please advise me on this? Thanks.
      Charlie Mauch
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