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  • Robert Johnston
    May 1, 2006



      Was the technology transfer to Boeing via an exclusive license, or can others still license the technology?

      I agree that it is hard to see the logic behind such a government decision.  This doesn’t seem like threatening technology, unless, maybe, they plan to follow Archimedes’ example and destroy the U.S. navy with it!  <ggg>  See, for example:  http://www.rtmark.com/legacy/archimedes.html





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      Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) [the last company  for which I worked and retired] had built the first Stirling Engine electric power generating plant for DoE. Later this technology was put to application to build 4.9-megawatt system, built on a 40 acre site near Warner Springs , California , which collects sunlight through seven hundred  30-foot (9.5 meter) parabolic dishes, each containg an array of 24 reflectors measuring 5 feet (1.5 meters) in diameter. Two foreign countries, India and Pakistan , where sunshine is abundant, wanted the transfer of this technology through Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque , NM (for which I was quite instrumental) was stopped due to sanctions imposed by US government to punish both countries for nuclear blasts in 1989. I have been talking to Sandia lately, and now they are willing to transfer another kind of Solar Thermal technology, but the political climate has poured cold water on these projects. We are shooting ourselves in the foot, because in doing so developing countries who relied upon buying manufactured goods from US are turning away to China , because the economic sanctions really produce nothing but diminishes our exports to the world. Our short sighted politicians cannot comprehend this for the sake of PEACE in the world.

      There are millions of poor who have no LIGHT, and the UN and World Bank experts have determined that if we extend the day of a poor person by giving him LIGHT (through smaller Solar PV System or a Solar Lantern) we can diminish poverty (but cannot wipeout completely due to other factors). We started negotiations with Sandia in 1955 about setting up a plant like 10 megawatt Solar Two tower in Barstlow , California, comprising of 200 ft high (61-meter) receiver which is surrounded by a circular array of 1,818 sun- tracking glass mirrors (heliostats), each of which measures about 23 feet (7 meters) high. Heat is stored in large tanks of molten salt and then drawn off (through heat exchanger to produce steam) to generate electricity. It was going to funded by World Bank, but once again the politics of nuclear blasts stopped this project in both India and Pakistan . In Solar 2003 Conference, I learnt that Sandia was made to sell that technology to Boeing, and this company already having a monopoly in Aerospace industry, has been assisted by friends in higher places to enter into the business of Solar Thermal Energy sector as well, like Haliburtons and Enron. It's amazing and perplexing to understand the present administration to extend nuclear friendship towards India but deny a totally benign and peaceful technology to the developing countries, in which the unrest is increasing because of steadily increasing cost of living and the major factor is the cost of electricity which is turning people against their governments. For this I urge folks to read another very interesting book "CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN," by John Perkins, and published by PLUME/Penguin Group, New York 2004. [ISBN 0-452-28708-1]. The policies of our own government are creating lack of jobs and opportunities in United States . To elaborate on it further, here is joke printed in the Reader's Digest about China :

      A Sunday school teacher tells her students that everything is made by God. After hearing this a student raises his hand. The teachers asks Johnny, what is it that he wanted to say. Johnny replies, "Not everything is made by God, but most of the things we buy in the stores say: "Made in China ."  

      Renewable Energy can offer hope of less expensive alternatives for energy from rich to poor alike, and can contribute a great deal in achieving ORDER or PEACE.


      Bashir A. Syed

      Senior Member, International Solar Energy Society,

      Member: APS, ASES, IEEE, Union of Concerned Scientists, New York Academy of Sciences

      Vice President, R&D

      EnerTech Enterprises, Inc.

      1120 NASA Parkway, Suite 220W

      Houston, TX 77058

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      Good Morning Bashir and all,

                        I am posting what I think might be an interesting subject for all to brainstorm on. http://www.jc-solarhomes.com/fair/solar_engine18.htm

      It seems that here in Houston we have a tremendous amount of HEAT for a extended period of TIME, so it seems to me that besides PV or solar generation of electricity and, based on the above experiment that heat should be able to produce ENERGY. The city itself in the summer has an enormous "heat island" footprint, and we are the the chemical capitol of the country, plus infrastructure (I must really like that word) meaning materials like tanks,valves, gauges and computer control units to build a "Thermal Engine" of sorts? Bashir, I'll ask you, is there not a elect. generating plant in inland San Diego County that has built a Hybrid thermal/or Stirling engine that focuses sunlight on a tower/piston full of Hydrogen gas? It would seem quite science-fiction like to produce capable electricity to cool our houses by the very source that makes our houses hot in the first place!       Bill

      Bashir Syed <bsyed@...> wrote:


      Here is the book which I showed in our meeting today:

      "The Timeless Energy of THE SUN for Life and Peace withNature," compiled and written by MADANJEET SINGH, UNESCO WORLD SOLAR PROGRAMME 1996-2005, Sierra Club Books - San Francisco, Calif. 1998.  

      In my opinion, it's a very good introduction for beginners and novices, with excellent photographs on glossy paper, from all around the world.  


      Bashir A. Syed

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      Great job on the radio show yesterday!  Thanks for representing our cause so well.



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      Subject: [hreg] Renewable Energy Discussion on the Radio


      Friends and Colleagues,


      I am honored to have a chance to speak with new HREG discussion group member Alan Lammey on his radio program this Saturday. Alan is the "Houston Energy Analyst" and does daily and weekly radio items on energy issues. His web page is listed below.


      Here are the details in case you get a chance to listen in:



      When: 12 noon, Saturday, April 29


      Format: Program is 1 hour, our discussion will encompass two 12-minute segments (total time is 24 minutes roughly) starting at 12:06 pm.


      Where: On the radio at 97.5 FM, or they can get to a streaming audio through www.fmnewschannel975.com or through a link to the station at Alan's webpage at www.houstonenergyanalyst.com


      Topics: Renewable energy, among other things.









      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Karl R. Rábago

      Director, Energy & Buildings Solutions Group

      Houston Advanced Research Center - HARC

      4800 Research Forest Drive

      The Woodlands, Texas 77381

      tel: 281.364.4035

      cell: 832.723.7443



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