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4[hreg] HREG summary

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  • mike.ewert@att.net
    Aug 1 6:11 PM
      Hello all,

      I'm sorry that it took a while for me to put out a
      message after our last meeting at NASA, but I've been
      on vacation and then catching up. I thought we had a
      good meeting. It was great to see so many of you! I
      thought I counted 23, but there are only 21 on the
      sign-in sheet, 10 of whom stayed for the business

      I'm going to try to summarize where I feel we stand
      with the group, but first I'll start with leadership
      news. Charles Mauch felt like he couldn't continue to
      be acting president, so after some negotiation, we came
      up with the following volunteer positions:
      Mike Ewert - acting president
      Steve Stelzer - acting vice-president
      Kim Travis - acting secretary
      We are keeping the "acting" titles until the group
      becomes more formal and/or we have a more formal
      election. Think about whether you are willing to play
      a leadership role in HREG - having active leaders will
      be important to the success of the group. By the way,
      thank you to Kim for already starting the e-group!

      OK, here is my summary of what the HREG has discussed
      and decided, going all the way back to our first
      meeting at the end of last year. Feel free to respond
      if you remember things differently or have something to

      The focus of the group will be renewable energy,
      including energy conservation considerations - hence
      the name - Houston Renewable Energy Group. The group
      is a citizen's organization, open to anyone. The
      primary interest of the group is learning more about
      renewable energy use in the Houston area and sharing
      that knowledge to improve our community. We do not
      plan to focus on business or political activities.

      Since no one has a lot of time to devote to the group,
      we would like to keep or functions and organization
      simple. We might consider becoming an un-incorporated
      501c3 non-profit organization in time, if that isn't
      too much work.

      We would like to pursue at least an unofficial
      affiliation with the Texas Solar Energy Society
      (TXSES), acting as their local group. We will
      encourage, but not require, members of HREG to join
      TXSES. At present, HREG has no plans for dues. TXSES
      has annual dues of $25.

      Ideas for group activities include public exhibits such
      as Earth Day festivals, a tour of solar homes, speakers
      and solar construction projects.

      Since we cover a wide geographic area, we plan to use
      electronic communication to reduce the need for
      face-to-face meetings. We would like to make Texas
      Southern University (TSU) our regular meeting place.

      Many have expressed an interest in energy efficient and
      solar homes. Therefore, I propose this topic for our
      next meeting. Also, I think we should create a list of
      several activities for the group, such as the ones I
      listed above, through an on-line discussion. Then we
      can vote, or find some way to prioritize them and get
      started on the first.

      I close with a slogan used by TXSES and I look forward
      to hearing from all of you soon.

      The Solution Comes Up Every Morning!
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