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  • farmerportia
    Jan 3, 2006
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      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, Roxanne Boyer <chris.rox@s...> wrote:
      > Happy New Year 2006 to all of You.
      > With the coming year, its time to make goals, and included in
      that is goals for HREG. In the past, HREG has been a passive group,
      a local section of the Tx Solar Energy Society. Our impact has
      included: solar education programs at schools, Earth Day
      presentations, quarterly meetings, this WEB chat page, and the Solar
      Home Tour.
      > Should we do more? Most of us are following the growing concern
      about the end of cheap fossil fuels and the onset of a dangerous
      climate change. I think most people don't do anything to change
      because they don't know any other direction. The fossil fuel
      industry does not want to lose their captive market, so naturally,
      they are fighting against change. Renewable energy is a solution,
      and a very exciting one. We need to get the message out. Please
      let us know what you would like to see from HREG, or if you are
      available to donate some time as an officer and help make an impact
      in this world.
      > Happy New Year!
      > Chris Boyer
      > HREG Vice President
      >Hello Chris,
      My name is Portia Leyendecker and I have just signed on as a new
      member.I am a full time Landscape Design/Installation Person by
      trade.Trying to learn as much as possible about Renwable energy.
      Finding myself drawn to the "FFV and Ethanol fuel" factor.
      There is a man in the UK that has created a group and they are
      actually using Ford Focus FFV's (from Brazil) and Ethanol/Petrol.
      As a whole community,like Southside place or the Heights.They found
      a local grain source and the support of many local people.
      Is this something that can be done here in Houston???

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