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342Directions to TSU - School of Technology

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  • Jonathan Clemens
    Sep 19, 2000
      HREG members,
      I am providing directions to Texas Southern University, because I know that some of you are new and have not been to our general meeting yet.  As well, Dan Stuettgen asked for them.
      TSU is nestled near and between Route 59 and I-45 south of Houston.  From I-45, take the SCOTT STREET exit and head west about a mile.  You will see a Burger King (or some fast food restaurant - I once turned early at another establishment and got a little lost) on the right - turn right there onto CLEBURNE STREET.  Drive about 1/2 mile and you will see the campus on the left.
      The School of Technology is on the north edge of campus.  Proceeding on Cleburne Street you will pass a few cross streets until you get to a light (campus ends here) - this is ENNIS STREET- turn left.  You should then see the School of Technology on the left - turn left ahead of the building - and you should see the ground-mounted array of solar pv panels.  Park near the panels, which are near the Solar Lab.  We usually meet at the nearby entrance and move up to the second floor.  Oral Lafleur or somebody else will be around to show people to the classroom.  See you there.
      In case you can not find the place, give a call to my cell phone at 281 384-1309.  In case I am wrong about these directions, I am sure Oral will chime in and clarify, if necessary.  Thanks.