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3388Re: Help needed for Houston Renewable Energy Tour October 30th

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  • tfcantorna
    Oct 4, 2005
      I'll be glad to help. I can work either SpawGlass or Carrier,
      beginning in the morning with pre-tour prep and go through first-
      shift tour guiding.
      I'm pretty new to solar, but I'm familiar w/ principles of Renewable
      Energy. I work for GE in the Renewable Energy Leadership Program,
      and my focus has been utility-scale wind.
      Best way to get in touch w/ me regarding volunteering and schedule is
      at work. terrence.cantorna@....

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Ewert" <mewert@h...> wrote:
      > We will need help to make this year's tour a success and here are
      > jobs we need help with. Please let us know if you are willing to
      > in one of these areas. We know it is a sacrifice to help on tour
      > rather than just go on the tour yourself, but consider this:
      > A. There are jobs that can be done ahead of the tour.
      > B. If you saw the Carrier's house last year, you could volunteer at
      > different location this year and see it.
      > C. Everyone will see the Gardner location if you come to the picnic
      > after the main tour is over.
      > Please let us know how you can help. This could be HREG's biggest
      > yet. Thank you!
      > 1. Staff tour sites:
      > These people would be responsible for meeting guests, checking and
      > selling tickets, posting & removing yard signs and helping keep the
      > house safe.
      > 1st shift 12:30-2 2nd shift 2-5:30
      > Carrier #1
      > Carrier #2
      > SpawGlass
      > Gardner
      > Orchid House LaVerne LaVerne
      > Animal Farm
      > 2. Promotion - Hang up posters ahead of time.
      > 3. Promotion - Contact media outlets to encourage stories about the
      > tour. Arrange any special interviews with the site to be visited.
      > 4. Prepare programs - make copies, staple, stuff HREG insert and
      > ASES programs "$5" [preferably someone in the Clear Lake area].
      > 5. Make deliveries - take finished programs & signs to various tour
      > sites. Could be combined with #1 1st shift.
      > 6. Assist the Location Owner in preparation for the Tour -
      > at Animal Farm.
      > 7. Get permanent signs made
      > 8. Help answer e-mail sent to hregtour@t...
      > 9. Make a map of all the tour locations for the program.
      > See the website for location & tour details:
      > http://www.txses.org/hreg/tour.php
      > Thank you,
      > Lunce, Chris & Mike (mewert@h...)
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