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3386Help needed for Houston Renewable Energy Tour October 30th

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  • Michael Ewert
    Oct 3, 2005

      We will need help to make this year’s tour a success and here are the jobs we need help with.  Please let us know if you are willing to help in one of these areas.  We know it is a sacrifice to help on tour day rather than just go on the tour yourself, but consider this:

      A. There are jobs that can be done ahead of the tour.

      B. If you saw the Carrier’s house last year, you could volunteer at a different location this year and see it.

      C. Everyone will see the Gardner location if you come to the picnic after the main tour is over.


      Please let us know how you can help.  This could be HREG’s biggest event yet.  Thank you!


      1. Staff tour sites:

      These people would be responsible for meeting guests, checking and selling tickets, posting & removing yard signs and helping keep the house safe.

                        1st shift 12:30-2       2nd shift 2-5:30

      Carrier #1

      Carrier #2



      Orchid House      LaVerne                 LaVerne

      Animal Farm


      2. Promotion - Hang up posters ahead of time.


      3. Promotion - Contact media outlets to encourage stories about the tour. Arrange any special interviews with the site to be visited.


      4. Prepare programs - make copies, staple, stuff HREG insert and label ASES programs "$5" [preferably someone in the Clear Lake area].


      5. Make deliveries - take finished programs & signs to various tour sites. Could be combined with #1 1st shift.


      6.  Assist the Location Owner in preparation for the Tour – especially at Animal Farm.


      7.  Get permanent signs made 


      8. Help answer e-mail sent to hregtour@....


      9.  Make a map of all the tour locations for the program.


      See the website for location & tour details:



      Thank you,


      Lunce, Chris & Mike (mewert@...)



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