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3375RE: [hreg] Re: backup solar system

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  • Israel Palacios
    Oct 1, 2005

      I have read that wind generated power is less expensive and in may be more productive than solar.  Before buying solar you might want to see which would be more cost effective.  I was interested in solar but, with demand outstripping supply the cost of solar is a premium. 


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        I live in houston as well and want to learn about renewable energy.
      I plan to put solar in my house at some time, but want to learn about
      it so I can do it my self.  I have also thought about doing a small
      system to run some lights, fan, etc. also.  What part of houston do
      you live in?  Maybe we can learn together or if you set yours up I can
      help.  There is tons of stuff on the web, it takes a lot of reading.
      As I am finding out, there are many many facets to renewable energy.
      I really want to do something with bio-diesel as well. 

      email me

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, noyes livingston <noyesliv@y...> wrote:
      > to anyone interested in giving some advice:
      > 1.  is there a training program in the state of texas
      > where one can study to become a solar contractor?
      > 2.  is there anyone interested in giving advice,
      > contacts to find the equiptment and the feedback as i
      > am ready to build a small, portable system that would
      > power two lights, a radio, a fan and perhaps something
      > to boil water or heat food in the event of a power
      > outage for 3-5 days?  my budget would be appx.
      > $1000-$1500.
      > i have procastinated on this for some time.  i would
      > appreciate it if someone would be willing to
      > communicate with me on this matter.  while i was not
      > smart enough to plan for hurricane rita this time, i
      > don't want to put off this idea that i have yet to put
      > into action.

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