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3351RE: [hreg] backup solar system

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  • Clifford Cheadle
    Sep 23, 2005
      I am at the energy fair after fighting my way out of Houston.  Add to following to your list.
      A Kill-A-Watt meter.  You need to know what wattage the appliances or devices you have use.  Plan on less efficiency than the manufacturer states as Houston does not get as much energy pey square yard as other ares.  I have no idea why, but that is what they said today about most of the Texas gulf coast. 
      Next, compact florescent lights will get you better light for your dollars.
      When I get home, if it is still there, I will find the website where a fellow documented the process of putting together a power cart.  I think, judging by your other posts, is what you are looking for.

      noyes livingston <noyesliv@...> wrote:

      thank you very much for the reply.  quite honestly,
      i am disappointed in that besides yourself and john
      miggins,  i did not receive any other feedback. 

      i had assumed that while talking about the woes of the
      world and the attractiveness of RE is wonderful,
      the true purpose of such a group as hreq was to
      promote RE by offering advice to neophites like

      in doing some reading, i realize i need:
      -1 or 2 decent marine (lead acid) 12 volt batteries
      -inverter of at least 1500 watts
      -1 or 2 solar panels (12 volt)
      -one charge control and fusing disconnects

      i want it to be portable and would need some sort of
      flexible mount that i could just rest on the ground if

      you mentioned the web.  what would be two or three
      really good sites to find sites and what are your
      favorite brands in terms of cost and reliability?

      if this works well, my next step would be to qualify
      for an energy efficient mortgage backed by the govt.
      and install a much larger system. 

      thanks once again.

      noyes livingston

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