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3350RE: [hreg] backup solar system

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  • James Ferrill
    Sep 23, 2005
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      At 02:28 PM 9/23/2005, you wrote:
      >thank you very much for the reply. quite honestly,
      >i am disappointed in that besides yourself and john
      >miggins, i did not receive any other feedback.

      HREG is a small group. The H in HREG stands for HOUSTON. You know, as in
      the Houston that has a Cat 4 storm named Rita heading there. They probably
      all evacuated.

      >I had assumed that while talking about the woes of the world and the
      >attractiveness of RE is wonderful,
      >the true purpose of such a group as hreq was to promote RE by offering
      >advice to neophites like myself.

      Posing such a question the day before the storm is to arrive isn't likely
      to get any responses :-)
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