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3342RE: [hreg] backup solar system

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  • Andrew McCalla
    Sep 22, 2005
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      One of the best training programs anywhere is Solar Energy International,
      www.solarenergy.org. They are not in Texas but they have done a workshop
      here every year for the past eight, every year is better and better. The
      next one is, it looks like, March 27. That program does not, nor does any
      program for that matter, make you a solar contractor, but it gives you an
      excellent foundation onto which you can add by working with a company
      involved in what you would like to do.

      Regarding your small system: You could find a ton of stuff on the web for
      sure, and there are some great pre-packaged systems for some of the smaller
      loads you mentioned. However, if you want to boil water when all hits the
      fan for under $1500, you are probably going to be looking to a camp or
      propane stove, or a small internal combustion generator.

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      to anyone interested in giving some advice:

      1. is there a training program in the state of texas
      where one can study to become a solar contractor?

      2. is there anyone interested in giving advice,
      contacts to find the equiptment and the feedback as i
      am ready to build a small, portable system that would
      power two lights, a radio, a fan and perhaps something
      to boil water or heat food in the event of a power
      outage for 3-5 days? my budget would be appx.

      i have procastinated on this for some time. i would
      appreciate it if someone would be willing to
      communicate with me on this matter. while i was not
      smart enough to plan for hurricane rita this time, i
      don't want to put off this idea that i have yet to put
      into action.

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