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3341backup solar system

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  • noyes livingston
    Sep 21, 2005
      to anyone interested in giving some advice:

      1. is there a training program in the state of texas
      where one can study to become a solar contractor?

      2. is there anyone interested in giving advice,
      contacts to find the equiptment and the feedback as i
      am ready to build a small, portable system that would
      power two lights, a radio, a fan and perhaps something
      to boil water or heat food in the event of a power
      outage for 3-5 days? my budget would be appx.

      i have procastinated on this for some time. i would
      appreciate it if someone would be willing to
      communicate with me on this matter. while i was not
      smart enough to plan for hurricane rita this time, i
      don't want to put off this idea that i have yet to put
      into action.
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