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3248RE: [hreg] Re: Nozzle suggestions for roof water spray?

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  • Gary Beck
    Aug 22, 2005
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      I did this in the 80’s with ½” pvc pipe and brass misting spray heads hidden on the back side of my roof ridge. I had these on a thermostat controlled timer which also controlled vent fans mounted inside my turbo vents. This was on a composition roof on an old ranch style house with poor attic insulation.  This was at the time (before ridge vents, before foil coated decking etc.) .The latent heat of evaporation released by the water pulls a very substantial amount of BTUs (which are quickly replaced by the Texas sun). I’m sure it was puzzling for my neighbors to see vapor coming off a hot roof with spinning turbo vents on a calm hot day.


      Today a system like this may be useful for properly designed ‘green roof”, or possibly off grid homes with access to water.  However, for new construction the many faster return options like advanced decking materials, insulation and venting systems should be considered first.    Also, this may have been mentioned already, but a caution on tile or composition roof would be discoloration due to left behind minerals which I experienced.


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      Oh yes, I already looked at the roof cooling file with great
      interest.  However, it was again with a regular yard sprinkler.  Will
      that work on a house with a 7/12 pitch?  I would rather have a small
      PVC pipe placed along the ridgeline of the roof with nozzles on either

      I'll talk with some folks in the agri business as they work with the
      same type nozzles for saturation of crops.  I'll post any findings
      here on the board.

      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com , Garth & Kim Travis <gartht@t...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > There is a complete description of a system on a building 70 ft by
      40 ft in
      > the files section on the HREG home page.  One of these days I will
      > time to upload the pictures of the system that Lunce kindly took for
      > me.  We use sprinklers, not nozzles.  Sprinklers are made to
      withstand the
      > environment better.
      > Bright Blessings,
      > Kim

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