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3245Re: Nozzle suggestions for roof water spray?

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  • Todd
    Aug 20, 2005
      I understand what you are saying about covering the roof with water
      rather than a mist like on a cooling system around an AC outside
      unit. But what about a house with a ridge and moderate pitch?

      In my work doing industrial cleaning I've worked a bit with nozzles on
      shower booms. You have to balance pressure, static head, nozzle
      spacing and total gallons per minute to get a shower to work. If
      someone has already done the basic design it would help a lot.

      I have a family member with an old house and inefficient AC. But, she
      is on a community water system where she pays a flat rate for her
      water regardless the consumption. Pressure seems fine. Any
      suggestions on a roof water cooling system?

      Her house must be 60 feet or longer across the main ridge.

      By the way, it was built in 1950 on a 125 acre farm. While still
      under construction she planted some hardwoods for shade. The workers
      laughed at her. Now, those are wonderful shade trees which are a
      tremendous help on keeping the house cool. Also, the front porch
      faces South with enough depth to keep shade in the summer.

      Thanks for any nozzle suggestions.


      --- In hreg@yahoogroups.com, "David Power" <dpower@h...> wrote:
      > I just used a couple inexpensive circular sprinklers on the test
      system, right now I just fire them up and let them complete one
      revolution wait 10 minutes and repeat. The idea is to wet the roof
      rather than spray a mist. The misters would have the affect of cooling
      the air above the roof rather than the roof it self.
      > We will probably run a perimeter 1/2 pvc with small holes drilled in
      them for a stream spray then add more holes until we get complete
      coverage. I'm worried about nozzles clogging, the water in San Antonio
      is quite hard.
      > David
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