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3194Re: [hreg] Nozzle suggestions for roof water spray?

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  • David Power
    Jul 31 9:12 AM
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      I just used a couple inexpensive circular sprinklers on the test system, right now I just fire them up and let them complete one revolution wait 10 minutes and repeat. The idea is to wet the roof rather than spray a mist. The misters would have the affect of cooling the air above the roof rather than the roof it self. 
      We will probably run a perimeter 1/2 pvc with small holes drilled in them for a stream spray then add more holes until we get complete coverage. I'm worried about nozzles clogging, the water in San Antonio is quite hard.
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      From: Todd
      Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2005 9:39 PM
      Subject: [hreg] Nozzle suggestions for roof water spray?

      I have been reading with great interest the posts about using a
      water mist spray to cool the roof.  Any suggestions on what nozzles
      to use for a 40' wide flat roof?  I have a total 4000 square foot of
      roof in three sections.

      I read somewhere to work on 20' wide sections at a time.  I also
      understand from previous posts to spray 10 seconds every 10
      minutes.  What type nozzles?

      Flat spray pattern?  Round?  What spacing between nozzles?

      I am going to buy some .75gph nozzles for spray misting my AC
      compressor unit.  I probably have a functional 8gpm 40psi available
      on the roof. 

      My thought was to use 1" Sch.40 PVC, drilled and tapped for 1/8" npt
      nozzles.  I haven't yet checked locally for UV resistant PVC.

      At work I use pressure washers and application showers.  But, I
      haven't been involved in nozzle selection for a saturation like this.

      Thanks for any suggestions.


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