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286Re: [hreg] More on Solar House

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  • Marjorie N Wood
    Aug 11, 2000
      You might check the holdings of Chelsea Green Publishing; they have some
      wonderful books about houses, including straw bale and cob, and things
      that go with them. Their books are very affordable, too. You can find
      them on the web.
      and if you ever got to Hawley, Texas, you could ask around and find a
      determined woman (a very small one) who had nothing but sandy land and
      access to old tires, so she built herself a 4000 square foot house of
      tires and sand. It is sort of round and has conventional windows. She
      just bolted the tires together, using them like bricks and filling them
      with sand. The roof is metal. Somebody else did the roof and windows but
      she mostly did it herself. I haven't seen it finished but it is pretty
      awe-inspiring. Hawley is near Abilene.
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