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2859RE: [hreg] Solar Attic Fans

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  • Mike Correale
    Dec 16, 2004
      You can buy the E-Barrier paint at Sherwin Williams for about $41.99 a gallon which covers aprox. 200 square feet (it comes in a 5 Gal bucket).  If you have a friend that is has an account at Sherwin Williams - have them buy it for you and save some money.  It works petty well, BUT it must be applied when the attic temp is below 80 degrees so the window for application is short.
      When it comes to Active ventilation systems, the solar power ventilators come one of two configurations - attached panel ($340+) or the detached panel ($299+).  Both work well, are very quite, reliable and can save $8-$11 a month in operating cost (depending on time of year and electric cost), over the standard 300 watt electric unit.  So their payback in really not that long.  One thing that most folks overlook is that for proper venting, there needs to be more input than output.  for example most solar fans are rated at 850CFM that means for each fan the input must be aprox. 1200 CFM (enough openings at the lowest part of the roof line to allow air flow).

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