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2787Re: [hreg] Green Home Component Sourcing- Auto Venting Windows

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  • Ted Mengers
    Oct 28, 2004
      The best quality for windows with your desired operation would be Velux. They have a full line of motorized windows and skylights. www. velux.com will get you to a local wholesaler.
      I believe Marvin can also add the remote controlled motor to some models they produce. BTW: the Home Depot 610 Loop at 59 south has a display of the Velux window/skylights where you can try the operation.
      1) DO NOT get a casement window and mount it sideways. The frame, weatherstripping, nailing fins,etc. would not allow water to drain properly, thus funneling water where you don't want it. Get an awning style window. All companies offer them.
      2) DO NOT get a cheap window and expect to add some makeshift mechanism to it. It would not seal shut properly, not have a warranty, could impose forces on window frame that could damage it. Get a mechanism integral to the frame.
      3) Pay what it costs. Depending on size, the Velux could be around $600 with a manual mechanism (wand crank). Remote motorized somewhat more.This is an item not to scrimp on because of its inaccessibility and high performance requirements (remain watertight, not jam up, etc.). Save money elsewhere to afford the best here.
      We've designed several waterside homes with these high windows to exhaust hot interior air. We've addressed your same issues by having only select ones of a series operable - the rest are fixed. You only need a couple to be operable, one on south side, one on north side, to bleed off hottest air that stratifies up. Having 4 of your six be fixed, sashless types might well offset the cost of having the other 2 be higher quality with remote control motors.
      Hope this helps. Call if any other questions.
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      From: Gary Beck
      Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 11:17 AM
      Subject: [hreg] Green Home Component Sourcing- Auto Venting Windows

      I am looking for help to source a reasonably priced ‘auto venting’ window system.

      This would typically be a decent quality casement crank style window installed horizontally – awning style. The crank is then replaced with either a remote spindle for pole cranking, or preferably a motor actuator so windows can be opened by a wall switch.  The project is slightly off Galveston bay so wind storm testing is required and the materials need to be right.


      I am sending specific requests but the responses are either outrageous ($5000 for 6 windows with motors), or slow to respond. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and am only looking for the right company as a shortcut to help the owner.


      If you know a link or contact, please send it.  If you sell these - call or email me ASAP.


      Gary Beck, P.E.

      Eco-Holdings LLC


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