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2727United States Green Building Council: Commissioning for LEED

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  • Anica Landreneau
    Oct 4, 2004
      The Houston Chapter of the United States Green Building Council presents
      a FREE informational panel discussion, "Commissioning for LEED" to be
      held at the McCoy Showroom, 6869 Old Katy Road, 6-8 pm. Please RSVP if
      you would like to attend to ghac_rsvp@....

      For more information you may contact Greg Roberts at 713-665-5665 or

      LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the USGBC
      building rating system for new construction, major renovations, existing
      buildings, commercial interiors and core & shell. This system can be
      viewed in detail at the USGBC website www.usgbc.org. The rating system
      is based on responsible decisions and building performance regarding
      water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable
      sites and innovation in design.

      The Federal government has passed an executive order (E.O. 03123) that
      all new buildings and major renovations must be LEED Silver or better.
      The City of Houston has passed a resolution for buildings over 10,000
      SF. So has the City of Austin, the University of Texas System, Houston
      Community College System and many other for-profit, government and
      non-profit entities. All 50 states currently have LEED registered
      buildings, several have LEED certified buildings.

      It can take 6 months to a year for a registered building to become
      certified after construction is complete. The building must be
      commissioned after 6 months to ensure that the mechanical systems are
      performing as designed. So, for example, the building has to actually be
      energy efficient; it is not enough to just design a 'green' building -
      it has to perform green.

      Commissioning makes sense even from an economic standpoint. If you are
      a building owner and you pay for a high performance building, then you
      want to make sure your building is what you paid for. This commissioning
      process is what the panel discussion will be about.

      You are invited to attend if this subject is of interest to you.
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