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2721Houston Bioneers Conference

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  • myth@thegloaming.net
    Sep 30 11:48 AM
      Hello everyone,

      My name is Brian Herod and I'm one of the vendor coordinators for Houston
      Bioneers satellite conference October 15-17th. Bioneers
      (http://www.bioneers.org/) is presented every year in San Rafael California
      and brings together leading-edge speakers on creating a sustainable world.
      For the second year, Houston
      (http://www.blackwoodland.com/bioneers/info.htm) has the fortune to
      participate as one of 15 satellite conferences. Hundreds of participants
      from throughout the Gulf Coast region will converge at University of St.
      Thomas to listen to broadcast speeches from speakers in San Rafael and
      participate in workshops presented by local leaders in creating a
      sustainable Houston region.

      If you know of a group or organization that would like to participate as a
      vendor in the Houston Bioneers Conference, please let me know. Booths are
      $50 for non-profit organizations and $150 for for-profit companies.
      Vendors will receive a table two chairs and electrical connections for the
      duration of the conference. Additional sponsorships are available as well
      as advertisements in the official program. Ads in the conference program
      are also available at the following rates:
      ¼ page - $25
      ½ page - $50
      full page - $100

      Please contact me at 713-480-6303 or myth@... to reserve you
      place today.


      Brian Herod