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2713Re: Solar Power incentives in Houston, Tx

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  • deviant
    Sep 19, 2004
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      I believe the "at the mercy" comment mostly indicated a desire to
      understand more about PVs so as not to feel helpless and totally
      dependent upon others.

      I agree with Andrew's recommendation of the SEI PV course. It
      should give you a comfortable knowledge of PVs, and perhaps even a
      greater appreciation of a vendor's possible assistance.

      You do not have to choose between 100% vendor and 100% Do It
      Yourself. I'm sure that most vendors are happier with educated
      customers and those that are more interested in involvement.

      I believe that www.homepower.com still offers free pdf downloads of
      their latest issue, and I urge you to subscribe and consume.

      I live in Houston, have PVs on my home, and will be glad to have
      discussions with anyone seriously interested in installing PVs or
      who have an existing system. And Andrew, when you're in town with
      extra time, let's have lunch.
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