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252Re: [hreg] PV Generator?

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  • Kim & Garth Travis
    Jun 26, 2000
      "Kevin L. Conlin" wrote:

      > Hi Kim and Garth,
      > Running power tools in remote areas using solar is very practical since you
      > usually don't have a continuous load, but intermittent ones. This allows
      > the solar panels to charge a relatively big battery bank to handle the
      > occasional heavy load, such as the saw you mentioned. It also makes sense if
      > you are building a remote home or cabin, and can utilize the inverter for
      > your power system after you are finished.

      I am looking for a system to replace a generator for farm work and that will be
      needed in this capacity permanently. I want the system as small as possible,
      that is barely able to make five cuts in a landscape timber with the saw.
      Actually make that five cuts in a 2 x 4 or 1 cut in a sheet of plywood. I have
      to be able to load and unload it without too much hassle.

      > You mentioned a 10A draw on the saw, which is approx. 1200 watts. If you can
      > tell me the HP of the saw, and if you anticipate running anything else at
      > the same time, it will be easier to accurately size the inverter.

      I checked the saw and it does not give a hp but it is 15 amp not 10. The only
      other thing that might be running at he same time would be some music. I want
      the system mostly for an airless paint sprayer, [small wagner] and perhaps for a
      party once in a while for music. Since we are used to getting up with the sun,
      they don't run late here. We are looking to replace a little tiny generator,
      you know the cheap ones that have little power, as that is all we need when we
      borrow one.

      You mentioned golf cart batteries rather that deep cycle marine batteries, could
      you explain your preference?

      Thank you for the information.
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