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2506Re: [hreg] Hydrogen Economy

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  • chasmauch@aol.com
    Apr 21, 2004
      In a message dated 4/20/04 11:03:32 PM Central Daylight Time, stelman@... writes:

      I don't doubt how bike unfriendly this town is, but I see a lot of cyclists in spite of it.  It's a matter of choice, just like everything else. If you don't bicycle, recycle.  If you already recycle, study up on it and recycle even more.  Tune up your car.  If it dies, buy a Prius.  Be a part of the solution instead of the problem.  Nobody can do everything right, just do the best you can.  I think things are getting better, we just have a lot of bad habits to change.  But my point is, we can only change ourselves and hope that everyone else can change themselves.
      Steve Stelzer

      I can't do without my car and switch to a bike but have switched my electric supplyer to Green Mountain's 100% wind plan. I know lots of folks don't like GM for various reasons and don't want to revive that argument here. Guess everyone needs to check them out and reach their own conclusions. I have done so and am satisfied that most of the bad raps against them are just that - bad raps. My latest bill has the following information on the back:

      kWh electricity used :   706
      CO2 emissions avoided (pounds) :   1,049
      Equivalent automobile miles not driven :   1,166

      That seems to me like a pretty good contribution to cleaning up the air.
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