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2499Re: [hreg] Hydrogen Economy

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  • Mallardcable1@aol.com
    Apr 20 8:04 PM
      I have a very nice bike love to ride but Houston is so dangerous for a cyclist that I never ride unless in Memorial park loop or out on a country road and it is a huge shame.  And the bike lanes we have so far are a joke most of them end and begin with nowhere else to go.  I even found one spot where the bike lane ends and 20 feet later is a sign that says no bikes allowed beyond this point.   So lets all loby city hall for more bike lanes and a more complete bike lane plan and future expansions including a bike lane comming in I-10 expansion 20 to 30 miles in fair weather is a cake of a ride and for all those out in Katy that want a no hassle ride in a dedicated bike lane with those concrete bunkers on either side would be wonderful.
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