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2349Re: [hreg] Apollo Alliance

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  • Steven Deterling
    Jan 15, 2004
      I would like to contrast the program proposed by the
      Apollo Alliance to President Bush's recently proposed New
      Vision for Space Exploration.

      While I work in the Aerospace industry and recognize the
      need to finish the space station, retire the shuttle, and
      develop a new space vehicle - the goals of visiting the
      Moon and Mars and establishing a permanent presence on
      the Moon don't seem to have the same payback for cost.

      The Apollo Alliance would spend a specified amount of
      money over a specified amount of time, create jobs, and
      benefit nearly every American in some way.

      The Space Initiative, while a budget of a sort is proposed,
      doesn't completely account for all development costs. The
      time frame would likely expand from the initial estimate.
      New jobs would be created, but targeted in very specific
      industries. Many Americans would definitely benefit, but
      probably not as many or in as many ways as they would
      under the Apollo Project. In pollution measures alone, the
      Apollo Project beats the Space Initiative hands down.

      While the Moon and Mars are sexy and beckon us, the
      wisdom of the Apollo project ought to be where we focus
      our attention.


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