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224RE Roundup

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  • jclem412@aol.com
    May 30, 2000

      As announced at the recent regular meeting, I in fact met with Russel Smith in Austin on Monday. And as promised, I am providing this report.

      The main topic was the Renewable Energy Roundup this fall. I mentioned that the Houston group would like to contribute during the planning stages.

      There are two main areas on which to put our attention: fundraising AND attendance. Both are important. In the next two weeks I will be assembling names of potential sponsors in the Houston area. I will forward the list of names to Russel for review, and with his ok, I will make contact with the potential sponsors, via mail and a letter of introduction. As for assuring attendance at the event, we need to think of any way possible to get the word out in Houston, in a clear, memorable, enticing, and timely manner.

      Help from you all. If you can, please provide two things: (1) Names of potential sponsors who might contribute - people, companies, organizations, etc. - that you know, along with contact information. Potential exhibitors would be helpful, too. (2) Events and approaches we can use to distribute Roundup information - fairs, school events, festivals, meetings, media, etc. - with specifics as to time, location, and topics.

      We talked alot about the RE industry and the regulatory (and deregulatory) environment. Russel will be attending Solar 2000 in Madison. I thought the 3 pronged approach to the fair - RE, Sustainability, and Organics - was an excellent approach. As a group, HREG needs to emphasize all three areas.

      Russel provided me with Roundup bookmarks (about 60), brochures (about 30), and sponsor/exhibitor booklets (about 6). Anyone can hand out bookmarks anytime (ask me). The brochures must be distributed a little more carefully, so as to assure a response. The booklets (which TxSES members recently received in the mail) can be shown to potential sponsors and exhibitors, but distributed to those with real potential. Russel has distributed many booklets to numerous member lists - TxSES, TREIA, Austin Green Building folks, AWEA, ASES business sponsors, and many more. We want to focus on Houston.

      We should all check out www.fredericksburg-texas.com, for info on the town, businesses, and local happenings. Also, see www.renewableenergyroundup.com.

      Ideas are welcomed. I still do not know the description of our booth at the fair, but I will find out. I will report status in 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you.

      Jonathan A. Clemens
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