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2184FW: ESTX campaigns

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  • Mike Ewert
    Sep 24, 2003
      As part of Earth Share, TXSES receives funds from workplace giving, but we
      also have to do our share of volunteering. Please look at this list
      (attached in 2 formats) and let Bridget know if you can help with any of
      these events. Thank you!

      P.S. I hope to see some of you at the RE Roundup this weekend.

      Hello all you hard working environmentalists:

      I know this is a busy season for many of you, but hopefully you can
      squeeze in some time for volunteer work for Earth Share of Texas (or
      find someone who can for your organization). There have been
      kick-offs for the Municipal, State, and Federal campaigns, which are
      on-going. The METRO campaign is still going on too, but I don't
      expect any more requests for appearances, at least not the 3:30 am

      First of all, though the hp (Hewlett-Packard) campaign will not kick
      off until later next month, maybe even early Nov., they are doing a
      push for volunteer opportunities. If you have material that outlines
      volunteer opportunities for your organizations in general or specific
      upcoming dates, please send ASAP to:
      Phil Hall
      20555 SH 249 (M990101)
      Houston, TX 77070

      Speaking of volunteers from hp, they are looking for volunteer
      projects for their employees to do on weekdays the weeks of Oct. 20
      and Oct. 27. Please see if you can come up with something. The
      number of employees may vary from as few as 10 to up to 40. This is
      free labor and potentially good p.r. for your organization.

      Finally, I have attached a spreadsheet of upcoming agency fairs.
      The ones that are in bold are the ones that we have definite details
      on and to which I need to respond as to whether someone is coming and
      who that might be. I don't yet have the details on the others, but
      will let you know as soon as I do. Where organizations are already
      filled in as participating, it is because they were specifically
      requested to come by the employees.

      If you were wondering when things would start rolling this campaign
      season, it's here.

      Keep up the hard work,
      Bridget Jensen
      ph: 713-524-1290
      cell: 713-417-2056
      email: bridget.jensen@...
      Bridget Jensen
      Director of Houston Operations
      Earth Share of Texas
      ph: 713-524-1290
      cell: 713-417-2056
      fax: 713-522-5623
      email: bridget@...