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2171Re: [hreg] Cost in energy of producing a PV panel vs. it's lifetime return

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  • Roxanne Boyer
    Sep 1, 2003
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      The answer is not easy because the technology is advancing rapidly.  Ten years ago, it may have taken as much energy to make a solar panel as would the solar panel produce over its life time.  Right now, modern plants produce solar cells that will produce about 4 to 5 more time energy than went into them.  However, from what I read, it is scarry to build a plant right now, as soon as you build it, the technology is obsolete.  They say the solar panels will produce about 10 time more energy than required to build them in the next few years.  That is equivalent to the "efficiency" of today's American oil well.
      Two good sources are:
      1) "Renewable Energy World" July-August 2003, Vol 6, No4.  Contains several articles.
      2) "Renewable Energy" Godfrey Boyle, Oxford Press.  1st Edition 1996.  2nd Edition comming 2004.
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      From: Joseph
      Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 2:58 PM
      Subject: [hreg] Cost in energy of producing a PV panel vs. it's lifetime return

      I was wondering where I can get some data on the energy it takes to make
      a PV panel in comparison to the energy that same panel will be able to
      produce during it's operational lifetime.

      Any ideas?

      Joseph Davis

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