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2170Re: [hreg] Cost in energy of producing a PV panel vs. it's lifetime return

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    Aug 31, 2003
      It's an interesting question to think. According to law of Conservation of Energy, the process of making it from Silicon, of course, requires energy, and sure enough some energy is wasted in the form of heat etc. But in the end, the Solar Cell is a device for converting Visible electromagnetic (wave) energy into electrical energy. It's not that one looks at the Renewable Energy devices from the point of view described in your question but comparing it with other modes of Energy Conversion and their impact on Environment, Reliability, and overall cost over a period of twenty years (i.e. free solar energy vs. cost of fossil fuel imports,  cleaning up the environment, and providing health care for sickness caused  the pollutants).
      I hope, this answers your question in terms of overall economics and protection of environment.
      Bashir A. Syed
      VP, EnerTech Enterprises, Inc.
      Houston, TX
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      From: Joseph
      Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 2:58 PM
      Subject: [hreg] Cost in energy of producing a PV panel vs. it's lifetime return

      I was wondering where I can get some data on the energy it takes to make
      a PV panel in comparison to the energy that same panel will be able to
      produce during it's operational lifetime.

      Any ideas?

      Joseph Davis

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