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213Re: [hreg] Workshops and threads

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  • James Ferrill
    May 15, 2000
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      Chuck Wright wrote:

      > This link has several papers about oil. I looked at the first one,
      > and it is most interesting.
      > http://www.simmonsco-intl.com/web/html/matt.asp?thispage=simple

      Thanks for that info, Chuck. I downloaded all those pdf files and read them
      oldest to newest. Fascinating and scary at the same time. Based on the facts
      they presented, it seems unlikely we would have an embargo of any kind, except
      from maybe Iraq. But if OPEC keeps the production down, we are basically
      facing demand exceeding supply, with prices going way up and probably gas
      lines again. One interesting fact that I gleaned from that report was the
      question of how do you enforce or even do gas rationing since many stations
      are totally automated with no attendant to enforce the rules. Answer: you
      don't, it's every person for himself :-)

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