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  • Roxanne Boyer
    Jun 27, 2003
      Mike and all others interested,
      The DOE has a division called the Energy Information Agency (EIA) that publishes available information on the energy sector. 
      By trending world consumption (modified for population growth) and available fossil fuel reserves, one can predict how long we can depend on fossil fuel as an energy resource.
      From the EIA home page, you can access all kinds of information, however, you really have to know for what you are looking, and you have to understand how the data was obtained and what it means.   There used to be a publication called the "Annual Energy Review", the last copy I have was published in August of 2001 and was current through 2000.  That document reported annual world energy consumption was ~400 Quadrillion BTU.  Crude Oil reserves were 5,880,000 Quadrillion BTU, Natural Gas reserves were 5,200,000 quadrillion BTU (I think they included gas hydrates), and coal reserves were 22,200 Quadrillion BTU. 
      (For comparison, 450,000 Quadrillion BTU of solar energy strikes the earth's surface.)
      I think EIA changed the content and name of the report to the "Annual Energy Outlook".  The most recent, 2003 (data through 2002) can be found at:
      I just found this document, and have not read it yet.  I will say more on fossil fuel reserves later if I find a difference between the 2001 publication and the 2003 publication.
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      Chris, can you point us to the EIA data?  I knew there was a lot of coal, but I didn't know there was that much.
      Charlie, thank you for the report and the explanation.  This peak in production was discussed at the American Solar Energy Society meeting that some of us just returned from in Austin.  I think they said the projections on world peak production were from 2005 to about 2015, with the point made that we should do something about it rather than argue exactly when.
      The conference was great! We will have a report on it by those who went at our meeting in July.
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      From: Roxanne Boyer [mailto:rox1@...]
      Sent: Monday, June 23, 2003 10:09 PM
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      Subject: [hreg] Media Meeting Monday Night

      Did anyone go to the media meeting with Richard Heinberg Monday night, please give us a report on it.  I wanted to go and was unable, so if someone would please let me have the experience thorugh their eyes, I would appreciate it.
      I know his book states a case that the earth is about to run out of petroleum.  The DOE-EIA published that there is enough fossil fuel to supply world demand as it increases 5% per year until the year 2300.  Thus, my case for renewable energy before 2300 has been to prevent pollution and increase freedom/peace.  I would like to add to my argument for RE that there is a shortage of fossil fuel if someone can put forth a convincing, scientific proof of it.  Does anyone have a copy of his book?

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